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Phil Hoffman
Hoffman Legislative Consultants, LLC
721 North Capitol Ave., Suite 3
Lansing, MI 48906

V: 517-371-3333
F: 517-487-3505
  • Lobbying for statutory changes
  • Strict Monitoring of bills introduced
  • Weekly Legislative updates
  • Annual or end-of-session reports
  • Interim committee updates
  • Attendance at legislative meetings
  • Organization of candidate forums
  • Attendance at administrative hearings
  • Assistance with drafting of new legislation
  • Conflict resolution with State agencies
  • Attendance at other governmental meetings
Hoffman Legislative Consultants
Jeff Kirkpatrick, Client
Senator Ray Basham
Former Governor Jennifer Granholm
and Phil Hoffman
“During my time in government, constituent service was my #1 priority. I served them diligently, and made their concerns my concerns. I am bringing this philosophy of personal involvement and service to Hoffman Legislative Consultants. I want to be personally able to service every one of my clients. Let’s work together to get the results you want.”—Phil Hoffman

Advocacy Training
Over the past 20 years Phil has taught trade groups and students how to get involved and be heard in government. Advocacy training is a great way to get involved and be a presence in government and lobbying at a grassroots level.

Services Provided
Hoffman Legislative Consultants
A lobbyist’s duties are broad reaching in their scope. The client’s specific goal will dictate exactly what a lobbyist does on their behalf. Lobbying for new legislation, for example, will require a different approach than lobbying for a budget increase.

Phil is equally qualified to lobby for a budget increase, statutory changes, or to initiate defensive lobbying. Phil promises his clients continual updates on their cause. While in the legislature, Phil earned a reputation for having the finest constituent relations program in the state. Staying in touch and keeping clients apprised is a skill Phil mastered years ago.

Communicating with Michigan’s State Departments is another area of Phil’s expertise. Whether you need conflict resolution assistance, or your voice heard, Phil’s years in government will open doors and create opportunities.